What We Do

We believe in the concept of placemaking within localities, creating developments that our most vulnerable people can call a home of their own in the heart of a neighbourhood.

We have taken the time to carry out continual research into the needs, wants and obligations of our stakeholders including residents themselves, local authority commissioners, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Care Providers and Registered Providers to shape sustainable, scalable and adaptable solutions.

We have established three distinct models to respond and to realise our vision to provide the high calibre, community-based homes we believe the most vulnerable members of our society deserve.

We have partnered with best-in-class industry participants and have worked closely with local authority commissioners to deliver beautifully bespoke developments that also lower long-term care costs for the sector.

Our three models explained:

Core and Cluster

This model is designed for vulnerable people who would traditionally have been placed in shared social housing or an institutional setting because they were deemed to have needs too complex for them to be able to live independently.

We believe there is a better way. It is based around the notion of self-contained living, with individual studios ‘clustered’ around core communal spaces.

This offers the kind of independent living that everyone deserves from their home but with the flexibility of having isolator technology in each studio so that kitchens can be isolated and care packages increased to respond to any crisis situations that may arise.

All of our Core and Cluster properties are built to the highest specifications and standards, with kitchen and bathroom pods that are robust, easy to clean and maintain – making life as safe, simple and comfortable as possible.

They can also work as intermediate accommodation for people who have recently left an institutional setting and require support to integrate into the community.


One of our main aims is to provide younger people who have specialist needs with a home for life in the heart of a local community.

Whether they are stepping away from living with their family or from having lived in an institutional setting, they can have their own accommodation with the support available to provide them with the ability to live their lives just like anyone else.

These are one or two bed self-contained apartments with staff available within the building, making use of assistive technology through acoustic, infrared and microwave monitoring, wearable health technology and sensory lighting.

Apartments are furnished and fitted to the highest standard with customisations available to complement an individual’s needs to ensure their home fully meets their requirements.

Extra Care

This model is designed for people who previously led life out in the community but  require additional help because they have developed a serious medical condition or early onset dementia for example.

There is a time when people who needed this form of support would have been placed in a residential care home, and while domiciliary care has often been used to replace residential care, it is a hugely inefficient care model that leaves vulnerable people living in homes that are simply not appropriate for their needs.

Our Extra Care model brings people with these needs together in one place with a care hub on-site to deliver scale benefits to care provision. This is complemented by a range of amenities and space that pulls the neighbouring community into the building, which helps ensure that residents are not left feeling isolated. This includes facilities such as a bistro, spa and hair salon to help keep residents connected, reinforcing health and wellbeing benefits in turn.